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Lorso Car management application

Introducing you a new WEB APPLICATION for RENT-A CAR agencies. Our app is capable of managing your car rental business. Application is completely customizable. * New features can be added to suit your business needs.


You can improve your business with web application which is made by our company. We make web applications for you, applications that are easy for using and can help you with everyday tasks

When designing a web application our goal is to minimize the complexity by separating tasks into different areas of concern while designing a secure, high preformance application. .

Access your data anywhere in the world via internet. Web applications the we make are mainly used in gyms ( monitoring the terms of members),rent-a-car agencies, transport companies ( keeping records about cars, trucks). Web applications are fully secured from unwanted intrusions and unauthorized access.

Contact us and expose to us your requirements, and we will be honored to fulfill your wishes together.