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Lorso Car management application

Introducing you a new WEB APPLICATION for RENT-A CAR agencies. Our app is capable of managing your car rental business. Application is completely customizable. * New features can be added to suit your business needs.


In today's world of business there is one suprising data which is showing that a large number of small and medium entreprises do not have a website. It shows that people are not familiar with singnificance that website provides, especially in marketing..

Do you want that others here for your company via internet. Then the website is right thing for you. Choose one of our several packages and get a website that is fully adapted to the needs of your company. Website also helps you to establish credibility as a company. Most people think that you have a website, because most of them have at least the most serious ones. If you do not have a website through which you can attract customers, people will think that you are not serious in what you do.. Once you create such a reputation, it will be difficult to change.